9.) Rinharu kiss on the neck, requested by slytherinsecretwifi, chibimine, amarnur, and a-sakura-kiss

Thank you! I’m only going to do quick doodles for these so I can get through them all.

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Miyano Mamoru ~WAKENING!~ pamphlet


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New OTP: HaruRinralia
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Yaoi feels 

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» Free! Eternal Summer is gonna end next week T^T
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» Im so gonna love this ep, because I ship RINHARU so hard like how I ship MAKOHARU as well
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蒼瀬@sp!ノ58 遙凛アンソロ

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» So much spoilers everywhere!!
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KyoAni you kidding me? Are you f***in’ kidding me???

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